PlayShell 0.2.5 Released

PlayShell 0.2.5 was released with the following updates:

  • Added ‘opus’ to exts.table.
  • Fixed inability to re-enable disabled entries due to everything always being detected as enabled.

PlayShell 0.2.4 Released

PlayShell 0.2.4 has been released with the following updates:

  • Added .opus entries in players.table.
  • Upgraded loader/compiler.gawk to version 0.1.
  • Renamed PlayShell.Startup.show_help_info_only to PlayShell.show_help_info_and_exit.
  • Renamed PlayShell.Startup.show_version_only to PlayShell.show_version_and_exit.
  • Some whitespace and unused variable cleanups in Config.parse_file().
  • Simplified an error message about creating directories; dropped unnecessary use of ‘[[ $? -gt/-ne 0 ]]’.
  • Made pass arguments to compiler.gawk.
  • tools/ Files archived with tar are now always owned by 0:0.

PlayShell 0.2.3 Released

PlayShell 0.2.3 has been released with the following updates:

  • No longer require creating ./users as EUID 0.
  • Upgraded loader/compiler.gawk to version 0.WP20160629.
  • Upgraded loader/loader.bash to version 0.2.

PlayShell 0.2.2 Released

PlayShell 0.2.2 has been released with the following updates:

  • Fixed installer: man1 directory does not get created. Some minor changes were also made.
  • Simplified Play.Players.stop_by_signals() and made in-between signals timeout shorter.
  • Prioritized MPlayer over VLC by default when playing video files since MPlayer allows fast-forwarding and rewinding in its interface and VLC does not.
  • Removed extra leading space in the first line of
  • Renamed ChangeLog to ChangeLog.txt.

PlayShell 0.2.1 Released

PlayShell 0.2.1 has been released. It includes the following updates:

  • Fixed lock-up in Play.List.insert() caused by removing integer attribute on a variable with assignment.
  • Fixed the manual page.
  • Explicitly disabled video output in setups of mplayer that only plays audio to prevent it from showing thumbnails in m4a files.
  • When EUID == 0, PlayShell will now also use “vlc” if “vlc-wrapper” doesn’t work: “Cannot determine unprivileged user for VLC!”
  • Made VLC the defaut player after gst123 in some audio formats.
  • Removed exec’s in command substitutions since they don’t make a difference.
  • Improved
  • Added a changelog file.

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